How it works

The process is pretty straightforward. Your form is submitted to an affiliate network, which gathers thousands of direct lenders who will buy your application. In other words, the lenders bid on it, and the highest bid wins. This is a so-called lead. This website will get money for providing your lead. The money is paid by the winning lender. If you think you’re going to pay more as a result, you’re mistaken. Direct lenders will deduct this from your fee, which means whether you apply with a direct lender or an affiliate site like this one, there is no difference to you in terms of money. You will still pay the same fee. The form provided on this site is absolutely free of charge to you. The lender will simply have lower earnings, which is what lenders are willing to do in order to get many customers. They will compensate their lower earnings with large volume of applications.
Having said that, you still need to meet certain criteria:

  1. you must be 18+
  2. you must have income (at least $850 a month)
  3. you must have a bank account

The lender may check your current financial situation and do all kinds of verifications.